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Midwest Live Productions is a video production company that specializes in live streaming and recording events such as meetings, conferences, performances, graduations, recitals, seminars, and weddings to audiences in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and internationally. Tell your story and message with clarity and style!

Our team of professionals handles everything audio-visual for your event like displaying presenters on screen (called IMAG), broadcasting it online, and recording it for your sharing later. When you work with us, we will elevate your presentation to the next level with high quality video and audio, television style multi-camera coverage to cover all the angles, names and titles for speakers (lower thirds), logos, and more to personalize your streaming presentation.

While we can go anywhere, our live event video and service areas include Grand Rapids, South Haven, Holland, Kalamazoo and Portage and Southwest Michigan area, Traverse City, Battle Creek, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Michigan City, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, Columbus, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to broadcast my event?

First, let us know the details of your event such as the date, type, and any other specifics you have available. Next, we will check our production schedule to see if your date(s) are available and schedule a consultation call with you. Finally, if we're a good fit for your event, when possible, we will schedule an on-site field visit 4-6 weeks before the event to walk through details in person. If an in-person visit isn't possible, we will will have a virtual (i.e. FaceTime) visit with you and/or the venue staff to review the venue setup.

What can be live streamed?

Anything that you need to get your message to a large number of people! Conferences, technical presentations, trade shows, government meetings, employee town halls, company events, keynote addresses, product announcements, webinars, weddings, and much more could all be live streamed on the web.

Can you live stream to Facebook or YouTube or other social media?

Yes - no problem! If you want to stream to your account, we will work with you to test before the day.

Can my stream be private?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that not all events should be public (i.e. corporate meetings, executive sessions, private ceremonies). We can work with you to embed the stream in your own system (for example SharePoint with an employee login). Or we can host the livestream on our system with a username/password login to restrict access.

My presentation has slides, videos, and other multimedia - how will this work?

We can import your PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation, videos, and audio directly into the stream. We can even do picture-in-picture so the audience can be viewing both the presenter and the slides at the same time. We can also add names, titles, and more for presenters so your audience knows who is talking.

We have a panel and need microphones for the panelists - can you help?

Yes! Even if you do not want the panel discussion recorded on video, we can still help by providing mikes for the panel members and having a team member run audio for your discussion.

How many cameras do you provide?

We want your live stream to look like something you would see on TV with multiple angles, so we will always start out with a minimum of two cameras. This allows us to switch between angles to keep your stream more interesting but also to have as a backup in case someone stands in front of the camera, bumps it, etc. For most productions, we usually use 4 - 6 cameras but more may be added depending on the needs of the event!

Can you help with other A/V needs?

Probably! We’re not a rental company, but we can help with the audio/visual needs of your event like providing projectors, loudspeakers/PA speakers, and other gear along with providing professional video production and live streaming of your event.

Can I have a hybrid webinar with in-person and Zoom presenters?

Sure! We can bring Zoom presenters to your in-person event and live stream both them and the in-person presenters all in the livestream.

Can I sell tickets for my event’s live stream production?

Yes, for sure! If you’re having an awards ceremony, fundraiser, recognition dinner, or special event and want to sell tickets for the attendees that can’t be there in person, then we can work with you to try to integrate your ticketing/registration system for the online live stream feed.

What do you do if something goes wrong?

We’ve done many live streaming gigs over the years, so we understand many potential problems and proactively take steps to work around them or solve them before they become an issue. But the first step is a good planning - we will always take the time to work closely with you, the venue, and your schedule to identify and resolve any possible problems. Second, redundancy is key - we always have backups whether it’s extra cameras, cables, or converters, we got spares. Third, we can use a backup internet connection in case there are issues with the venue’s network. We have the experience and professional level gear to make your event go smoothly.

When can I get a recording of my event?

Generally, recordings can be provided to you digitally as soon as the event ends.

Does my event have to be live streamed?

Nope - we know that for some audiences, a live stream option could impact your in-person attendance. We can still professionally record and live edit your event and provide you with a copy. This will save a massive amount of time and budget by not having to edit it later. Then you can distribute it however you wish - upload later to YouTube or Vimeo for on-demand streaming. Or we can also produce DVDs if needed for those with limited internet access.

What do I have to provide for a live-streamed event?

We need a venue, presenters, electricity, and an internet connection. That’s it! We provide the rest - our team comes fully prepared with all equipment and expertise needed to make sure your event goes smoothly.

We are possibly looking for a more permanent solution. Can you help?

Yes. If you’re looking for a permanent installation of live streaming equipment for a conference room, church, meeting space, etc. we can provide consulting services and recommendations.

Do you rent equipment?

Generally, no since our equipment is very specialized and requires training to use. While we’re not a rental house in Michigan, contact us if you’re another production company, and we can discuss.

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